Angela Improta is an Italian photographer and visual artist based in Rome. She has been working in the field of photography since the early 2000s, and her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications around the world.

Improta's work is characterized by its strong sense of composition, color, and light. She often uses natural elements such as plants, water, and sky to create a sense of harmony between her subjects and their environment. Her photographs often explore themes of identity, memory, and nostalgia.

Improta's work has been exhibited at galleries in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, India and South Korea. Her photographs have also been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia and The New York Times Magazine. In addition to her photography career she also works as a lecturer at various universities around the world.

In 2017 Improta was awarded the prestigious Premio Internazionale di Fotografia award for her series "The Memory of Water". This series explored the relationship between humans and nature through a series of photographs taken on the island of Ischia off the coast of Italy. The series was praised for its poetic use of light and composition to capture moments that evoke emotion from viewers.

Improta continues to explore themes related to identity and memory through her photography today. Her work is held in private collections around the world as well as public institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art in Rome.

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