Vivienne Westwood Launches New Bridal Couture Collection

Vivienne Westwood is launching two new bridal collections: a Made-to-Order Bridal Collection and a Couture Bridal Collection for the spring 2017 season.

The British designer puts her old-school understanding of corsetry, and drapery to offer the range to Fashion-affine brides. The Couture bridal collection consists of six new wedding dresses including the Malina Dress, the classic Mini Sandy Dress, the Delicate Drape corset in 17th century style combined with a modern Theresa Skirt, the Floral Amber dress and the Harry dress in classic Westwood style.

On the other hand, the Made-to-Order bridal collection takes a more standard approach without sacrificing the collection's aesthetic. It consists of eight dresses that embrace the iconic Westwood designs of the past and have been interpreted with delicate georgette fabric, silk satin, taffeta and duchess satin. It includes the Ball Tie, (which was presented by Jerry Hall for the "Storm in a Teacup" runway show in 1996), the iconic Cocotte inspired by the fashion of the aristocracy of the 17th and 18th centuries, the dramatic Baroque 'Bird of Paradise' dress, and the most dramatic of the collection, a dress with Corset rich draperies and silk taffeta.

Westwoods new bridal couture collection celebrates the full femininity of every woman and is available in London and New York City.

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