JW Anderson and Uniqlo release Spring-Summer 2024 collection

JW Anderson and Uniqlo have once again teamed up to release a Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

Staying true to Jonathan Anderson's spirited ethos, the collection marries his dedication to prints with Uniqlo's tried-and-true fit, materials, and functionality. It comprises of eight pieces of everyday wear for men and seven pieces for women ranging across Outerwear, Knitwear, Blouses + Shirts, Dresses, Bottoms, Socks + Bag.

The color palette is inspired by mid-century British artists' workwear and features bright primary colors as well as softer muted natural tones. The pieces draw inspiration from the 1940s through 1960s Britain to showcase garment craftsmanship and durability. Altogether, the collection is modern and honors the iconic mid-century designs of the past, by showcasing the artists who are living and working in London today.

'For this season, we drew inspiration from Britain in the 1940s to 1960s to highlight the craftsmanship and durability of clothing. I hope this modern take on classic pieces will be appreciated,' Anderson said in a press release.

A campaign inspired by mid-century British crafts like rug-making, weaving, and furniture-making has been released. JW Anderson and UNIQLO worked in collaboration with six London-based artists to honor the deep historical context of the collection. The artists range from sculptors to painters, to ceramists and designers and are Chris Bramble and Freya Bramble-Carter, Anna-Lena Krause, Johannes Bosisio, Frances Wilks, and Jack Laver. Each of the artists was featured doing what they love, wearing what they love, all from the comfort of their own studios.

The JW Anderson x Uniqlo Spring-Summer 2024 collection is available now in stores and online.

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