Lea Seydoux is ELLE UK June Cover Star

Lea Seydoux graces the June cover of Elle Uk.

The new brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton was photographed by Kai Z Feng and styled by Anne Marie Curtis. Sporting various outfits the 30-year-old delivers her best look for the glossy.

On the cover she sports a Louis Vuitton multi-colored blouse with collar and puffed sleeves and a high waist white skirt while in the rest of the editorial she sports everything from printed dresses and bomber jackets, all the while mesmerizing with her french charm.

Alongside the shoot, Seydoux starred in Subtitles, an original short film by Columbine Goldsmith & Lisa Rovner while in her most revealing interview yet with the magazine she talks about sexism in the film industry, her own sexuality, suffering from depression, and the impact of the recent Paris attacks on her life.

On The Paris Attacks
'We were a few meters from where it happened. It was very strange...I stayed in my house for a week and I didn't go out. I was obsessed by the news... I was just very sad. And it was like a big giant depression all over Paris and everybody was talking about this, obsessed with it. And for me, I mean, I don't think I'm scared of terrorism. I don't want to lose my freedom because of that. I want to still live like normal. But even me, I was paranoid for a few weeks.'

On Sexism In Film
'It's a misogynistic world. It's because of what we ask of actresses. We ask them to be sensitive, fragile, desirable. And men? We ask them to be strong and virile. But you can turn this into a strength. Because when I decide to do nudity, it's something that I decide. I feel that I have the choice. I'm fine with it. I think it becomes a problem when you feel the victim, when you victimize yourself. I'm never the victim.'

On Having Depression
'It was terrible. I was extremely melancholic...For me the world was terrible. I wasn't happy. You know, it's almost maybe chemical. I was starting to work [as an actress] but I wasn't famous. And for some people, it's exciting. But for me...on a personal level, I was suffering. I think it was [coming to terms with] the end of my teenage years.'

On Her Sexuality
'I think [that] even if you're not gay, you can have an attraction at a moment for a woman. And [on Blue Is The Warmest Colour] I think I had the possibility to experience this, you know? I've never had any relationship with women [but] sometimes cinema gives you the possibility to experience things. So it was like a way to experience that drive, that attraction for women.'

On Being A Bond Woman
'I really loved everything. You know, for a little French actress to be on this huge film, it's exciting. I mean, it's James Bond, you know? It's entertainment. And we French are not used to entertainment.'

Check out some more images from the editorial below and read the full interview with Lea Seydoux in the June issue of ELLE UK - out now.

Lea Seydoux Elle Uk June 2016 -05

Lea Seydoux Elle Uk June 2016 -03

Lea Seydoux Elle Uk June 2016 -04

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