Lacoste Introduces its first Sustainable Polo

Lacoste has launched a sustainable version of its all-time classic Lacoste Loop Polo.

The new version of the legendary polo is made from 30 percent recycled cotton (unsold Loop Polo samples from stock), spun together with 70 percent virgin cotton. This time around, the famous crocodile logo is made of recycled polyester and is painted to match the T-shirt in the capsule while the buttons are made of composite material. Lastly, every piece is unique and features a distinct speckled look which is achieved by Lacoste's unique "closed loop" process which means no two polos are identical.

Lacoste's new Polo also marks an important next step toward sustainability, ushering a new era for the French brand who joined Ellen MacArthur Foundation's 'Make Fashion Circular' program in December 2020, which helps fashion brands become more environmentally conscious.

Priced at 135 USD the Lacoste Loop Polo is available now at Lacoste stores and and also via Maison De Mode,the hybrid ethical fashion retailer cofounded by Amanda Hearst and Hassan Pierre.

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