Hilary Swank launches Athleisure brand

Actress Hilary Swank has launched her own 'Aesthetic Wear Clothing Line.

Named Mission Statement, the collection has been designed to empower women and includes high performance sportswear alongside knitwear and outwear & jackets that can be layered over gym gear in keeping with the current athleisure trend.

'Mission Statement is what I call aesthetic wear. What does that mean? It means clothes you can wear for any adventure - in the boardroom or at the gym, on the plane or at school, while looking stylish,' the 42-year-old Oscar-winning actress explained her own mission statement in an Instagram Post.

'In a world where women are often objectified and trivialized, we feel the need to look a certain way to be loved or act a certain way to be successful. Simply by nature, we are nurturers which can sometimes take us off the path to doing what's best for ourselves...That brings me to the collection. As part of my design process, I wanted to create elegant clothes that embody and nurture that higher purpose: clothes that allow you to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing,' she wrote in her Welcome Letter.

Priced between $115-$1,150 ($900 for leather leggings and $895 for a jacket with removable sleeves), the collection is available via the Mission Statement e-commerce platform.

Hilary Swank Mission Statement 03

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