Vogue Italia is the Italian edition of Vogue magazine. It is the least commercial of all editions of Vogue magazine and has been called the top fashion magazine in the world.

Its imagery is frequently shocking and provocative; according to the art director of British Vogue, its photographs "go beyond straight fashion to be about art and ideas".

Vogue Italia was established in 1964. Vogue Italia and the Italian fashion industry have historically had a symbiotic relationship, with Vogue Italia contributing to Milan's domination of the fashion world.

Recent influential editorials have included Steven Meisel's September 2006 "State of Emergency", a visual play on the War on Terror, and Meisel's July 2007 "Rehab", addressing recent celebrity visits to rehab clinics.

Italian Vogue is published monthly in Italy by Edizioni Conde Nast S.p.A. Franca Sozzani is and has been the editor since 1988. Italian Vogue often features up and coming models on their covers and has a mostly healthy attitude about aging, featuring models and celebrities of all ages. Italian Vogue has a consistency in mood gradation that I've not seen matched anywhere else...going from melancholy periods to joyously youthful features to overtly sexy.

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