Only the best can be expected of the magazine and its readers. With Magazine VIBE we have an opportunity to make a real mark in the society. To speak and connect with youth, men and women in a way no other publication in Maldives ever has. To embrace their life with lifestyle, good food, knowledge and being updated on what’s happening. The Vibe has most of it for you.

With its fingertips on the pulsating heartbeat of the Maldivian society, Vibe is a lifestyle magazine that is scheduled to come out quarterly.

Vibe is the ultimate guide to the ever changing mixture of trends, fashions and culture that make up our fast-track lifestyle. In a world where todays fashion statement may well turn out to be tomorrows biggest blunder, Vibe provides a much needed pathway to the youth of today.

Vibes aims to bring about a positive change to the community by providing in-depth articles on social issues that delve into the problems being faced in our society. Vibe will empower our youth by providing them with much needed statistics and information, brought to them in format they can understand and relate to. It will also be a launching pad for local artists and act as a gateway for newcomers in various industries.


H. Vaijeheyge, 1st Floor,
Nirolhu Magu

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