MUG is a bi-annual fashion and art magazine from Oslo, Norway. It was founded autumn 2009 and has already, after only two issues, established itself as the leading, independent magazine covering art, fashion, and culture in Norway.

The basic idea behind SMUG is that, in a time where websites and blogs are delivering news minute by minute, the role of the printed medias needs to be re-evalueted. SMUG offers a different take on contemporary fashion and culture by eschewing the product orientated journalism that has dominated mainstream magazines the last couple of decades.

Instead of focusing on the passing trends of popular culture, SMUG wants to present the faces, names and thoughts behind the trends. Artists, designers, writers and musicians are given space to talk about their work and visions, and instead of merely reporting from exhibitions and happenings, SMUG aims to be an event in itself, by presenting original, artistic content in raw, uncut form. In the believe that a contemporary magazine should be an object you desire for and will want to hold on to for years, SMUG also pays a lot of attention to the physical presentation of the magazine, with special care being laid down in paper quality as well as the printing process.

In addition to interviews with contemporary icons like Steve Reich, Pete Doherty, James Chance, Tavi, Andrew Richardson, Rad Hourani and Bjarne Melgaard, the first three issues have seen contributions from a wide range of norwegian and international artists and writers, including Terry Richardson, David Lynch, Robert Hamada, Matthew Kristall, Banks Violette, Mads Teglers, Nate Lowman, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Warren Neidich, Javier Peres, Lukas Renlund and Massimo Leardini. Reknowned norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard also dedicated a series of original paintings to the second issue of SMUG.

With a circulation of 4000, SMUG is currently distributed in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. SMUG#4 will hit the stores mid-april, and there are plans for an English, internationally distributed fifth issue autumn 2011.

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