Sayidaty (meaning "My Lady" in English) is a weekly Arabic and a monthly English women's magazine published in both Dubai and Beirut and distributed throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and America.

Sayidaty was founded by Hisham Hafiz and his brother Muhammed Hafiz in London. Later, it was founded in Riyadh in March 1981. The magazine was relocated from London to Dubai in 2005. The English edition was launched in 2007.

Hala Al Nasser, who is current editor-in-chief of Rotana Magazine, is one of the magazine's former editors. Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi has been the editor-in-chief of the magazine since 2004. As of 2010 Lebanese journalist Hadia Said was the cultural editor of the magazine.

Sayidaty, the first and only Pan Arab women weekly, provides professional and quality reading, making it the most powerful advertising vehicle among women's magazine in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. The magazine mostly covers a wide range of topics favoured by the modern Arab women, from beauty and fashion to social and family life.

In June 2013 it was expanded to cover two new sections: one on human behavior, and another for teenagers and college students.

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