For almost 20 years now, I've had the chance of working as a make up artist and art director. 20 years spent travelling, meeting men and women from all origins and backgrounds, rich from their experiences and their "Savoir Faire." India, Asia, South America, North America, Africa, Europe… All of these continents have conquered me by their diversity and by their unique way of searching for "The Beauty". From the 4 corners of the world, artists, photographers, make up artist, hairdressers. I know now that all of these hardworking, passionate artists are the true reason behind my unconditional love for my career.

And through these years, like me I realised they were all searching for one thing... Finding a way to express themselves, to let their creativity run wild.

I decided to create OOB Magazine with this unique objective.

Beauty and luxury are the main principles of our magazine.

Our teams will be allowed to create, reinvent, discover, rediscover, uncover...

Men and woman from all continents will come together in OOB magazine.

No frontier, no restriction, with only one leitmotiv: "Too much is not enough".

Jabe, chief editor


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