Nordic Style Magazine is a devoted publication sharing Nordic talents with the world. It looks beyond the horizon to be able to create something rememberable, sharp images and pages worth saving.

The first issue of Nordic Style Magazine is a raw and honest depiction of the Nordic countries’ artistic communities, people, and its diverse cultures. It is built around three core pillars – embracing individuality, diversity, and change, and explores how these permeate all that is ‘life’ in this sought-after region. Thought-provoking texts are combined with fashion and art editorials. Poetry takes you to other worlds and unique interviews give a deeper, never-before-seen insight into the lives and creativity of Nordic people.

Our mission is to provide you with an insight into the latest fashion and design trends, the hottest cultural events and a slice of daily life from across the Nordics. Bringing attention to independent designers, sustainable efforts and local happenings, Nordic Style Magazine was founded to connect you to the region that brings the world so much exciting talent and ideas.

Our team are on the ground across the Nordics and the rest of Europe, bringing you the best of the local Nordic shops, eateries, and events wherever you are.

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