frankie magazine is a bi-monthly, Australian young women’s [and men's] magazine, published and owned by Morrison Media. frankie was launched in October 2004 by editor Louise Bannister and creative director Lara Burke (formerly of Morrison's now defunct teen title, Chik magazine). In early 2008, editor Bannister was replaced by Jo Walker, a former frankie senior writer.

The magazine's audience has grown swiftly since its inception, and is now estimated to be 136,000 globally.

The magazine's popularity can be largely attributed to its ability to capture the street-smart, 20-something demographic. Covering Art, Music, Fashion, Craft and Life, frankie spans a broad spectrum of interests, and hence readership.

frankie is recognised for its amusing, often biting articles, most notably by its senior writers, Mia Timpano, Benjamin Law, Edmund Burke, Marieke Hardy, Jason Treuen and comedian Justin Heazlewood, who collectively drive the "voice" of Frankie magazine, which is characteristically sharp, witty and anecdotal.

frankie is celebrated for its inspirational interviews with "everyday" people. For issue 13, Timpano conducted a series of unusual and powerful interviews with young female victims of torture from Iraq and Sudan.

The magazine traditionally features lesser known bands and artists, and as such is respected source of emerging talent. Early issues featured actress Emily Barclay and artist Abbey McCulloch, who would later be shortlisted for the Archibald Prize.

The magazine's reputation has also attracted celebrity writers, such as indietronica singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko, the band The Cops, who contribute lists of "things to do before they die".

frankie is noted for its cute, fetching design, traditionally featuring Polaroid camera photography, poster artwork and an unknown young woman on each cover.

Featured artists have included Abbey McCulloch, Princess Tina's Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod.

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