The World’s Only True Art, Fashion, Photography and Travel Bi-Annual.

An exclusive and timeless portfolio of the world’s most talented photographers and artists.

Since its inception as a leading art, fashion and photography periodical nine years ago, EXIT finds itself uniquely positioned at the forefront of art, design, travel, culture and fashion publishing.

EXIT is a boundless source of passion, creative energy and inspirational works.

As much a creative journey for those who contribute as for those who read it, EXIT is wholly unique in this marketplace and as such defies simple genre definitions. It is as challenging and thought-provoking as it is beautiful. A lovingly crafted and luxurious shot of contemporary culture.

EXIT as a brand is synonymous with energy, passion, beauty and unsurpassed attention to detail.

To this end EXIT is a pioneer in many areas, not least in that it stands alone at the crossroads of art, fashion, photography and travel drawing together these sometimes disparate elements to produce stunning works that capture the imagination, challenge perceptions and inspire the reader.

EXIT is amorphous - ever changing and evolving in its quest to pioneer new trends.

Among advertising and marketing agencies, EXIT has become widely recognised as a global leader in spotting and showcasing trends in fashion and photography. With strong global distribution, world-class advertisers and exclusive points-of-sale - plus a discerning, affluent and high-brow readership - EXIT offers a unique environment for agencies to utilise our renowned credibility and influence within the marketplace to target those men and women that are the trendsetters and opinion formers of tomorrow.

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