A Message from the Editor in Chief: The Birth of Dahse

A very well known and respected editor from one of the biggest publication houses recently said that fashion is not as fun as it used to be, and pointed out that commercialism is killing creativity. I could not agree more.

When I browse through the majority of magazines it takes far too long to get past the advertisements and find the real content. When I finally arrive at the editorials I find the bias of the multiple advertisers permeating the magazine's imagery - it still feels as though I am being sold something. The same photographers and the same models are hired repeatedly across the industry, leaving less opportunities for newer faces to be seen. The interviews are typically with a celebrity of the moment whom you already have heard too much about. I cannot help but feel that the people at the helm are following a formula built around what is likely to sell to the widest audience, which in essence centers on repeating what has already proven popular and avoiding anything new.

Dahse is an alternative. We admire artists, designers, and musicians with creative vision and inspiring work. We want to know what inspires these people, we want to take their words and thoughts and use them to inspire you. We want to present artistic fashion editorials that highlight the work of designers that we think are brilliant, regardless of how much they fund our issues. Our leadership comes from the creative department, not the advertising department.

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