Pregnant women are plagued by questions: What’s happening to my body? How is my baby developing? What on earth am I going to wear to work? Will I ever be able to have sex again after the birth? What is labour going to be like? Should I give up coffee, exercise, wine, sushi and cheese? Which pain medication should I use? How will I cope? What maternity rights do I have in my job? Pregnant women want to absorb as much information as possible about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. And while pregnancy books are valuable resources for these women, they don’t offer the entertaining lifestyle experience of a magazine. Finally, in Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, Cosmopolitan has provided the perfect product for pregnant Australian women, with a magazine that’s as stylish as it is informative. As the only internationally recognised brand name in the pregnancy market, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy is a magazine that caters to more people than just readers of Cosmopolitan, and provides a degree of aspiration and confidence that is entirely missing from this category.

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