Whilst long flowing evening gowns, complete with draping, along soft gentle lines propose a rather romantic, sophisticated trend, severe geometrics and sculpted pleated structures set off a more aggressive, urban, Amazon femininity. Plunging side slits, detailing borrowed from the lingerie sector, bodices shaped by plays of tulle and splendid backs are the key points of cocktail and formal dresses for spring/summer 2010.Black and total white are, without doubt, the reference colours further enhanced by precious embellishments of silvery sequins, golden embroidery and metallic petals, authentic jewelled accessories. Sensual sheaths of platinum fabrics and materials plated with tiny metal scales for sirens of the night.Light, almost transparent, pink, red and green/blue are adopted at grand evening dos. images: more than 600 pages: 128 format: cm. 24,5 x 33


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