Monthly Classy Magazine is a Japanese women's magazine published by Kobunsha. Its title Classy is derived from the English adjective classy. It is a sister magazine of JJ, and has been published since 1984 by the same company. The two magazines are closely linked, and often, models who posed for JJ magazine in their youth will return a few years later to model for Classy.

It is estimated that the average reader of Classy magazine is between the age of 24 and 28. The magazine is known to be popular with office ladies (widely known as OL in Japan). It is also famous among university students as a magazine for Onekei fashion.

Classy was first published in 1984 targeting women in their 20's. In the beginning, most of the models were American super models, but changes in the policy led to the inclusion of more and more local models. Famous Japanese super models, namely Umemiya Anna and Aoyama Kyoko started their modeling careers by appearing as cover girls in the magazine.

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