.Cent is here to celebrate creativity. It is that simple. The process, the people, the products.

They like being different so at .Cent they ask the creatives themselves to write the content instead of working with journalists. This way, you hear all about fashion, beauty, art, music, design, illustration, architecture, literature, film, gardening, food, and more. The words come from the creatives, about what inspires and excites them, in an emotive language directly to you.

Every issue they choose a different Guest Editor from the creative industries to take the helm. They choose a title that is a reflection of them and their work. This becomes the cornerstone for the issue. .Cent also invites friends of the Guest Editor to contribute and ask the Guest Editor to suggest other creatives whom they don't know but are inspired by, to add to the mix.

.Cent then asks past contributors if they would like to add something to the topic, and finally .Cent throws the title out to you, asking you to be inspired and get involved.

The magazine is a way for the Guest Editor to share their experience. It is a personal and unique platform for their inspirations and influences. This inspiration then sets off a chain reaction for the rest of the content.

.Cent's aim is to provide an open platform for creative discussion. The editorial is intelligent yet accessible and is directly from the world's most influential creative figures, everyone from the established to the up-and-coming. The distinctive process, as a whole, .Cent calls 'Circlical Publishing' © TM.

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