Aïe is a biannual magazine dedicated to exposing the talents of an emerging generation of artists, photographers, and designers, while at the same time breating new life into existing brands, styles, and creative channels.

Launched in June 2010 at the Louis Vuitton cultural space in Paris, it highlighted itself as a platform to showcase the plethora of talent that still remains under the radar, evolving and forever growing.

Founded by fashion stylist, Alexandra Birchall-White, paleontologist Isabella Kruta and Philosopher Emilie Prattico, Aïe was conceived as the interaction between their disciplines and interests with the aim of showing the world in a new light. All this took shape thanks to the talented designer Micheal Elias, who gave Aïe its logo and who translated the founders' vision on paper, and to art director Elle Azhdari who ensured taht Aïe would deliver with such panache.

The team's shared curiosity for fashion, art, design, research, engineering, philosophy, and scintific anthropology resulted in the shape of a magazine. From X-ray scans to counting the rings marking a tree's life span, Birchall-White, Kruta, Prattico and Azhdari found inspiration, inerested in how these varied aesthetics can become launchpads for creativity.

Anchored with Commissioned shoots by a new generation of photographers. Both established and new Aïe magazine is bulit upon industry support and a handful of close-knit friends.


14 Rue des Messageries
75010 Paris

Tel: 01 42 46 02 20

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