In only three years, Yupadee Kobkul-Boonsiri, a prolific young with a fine arts and advertising background from Thailand, has been a finalist or winner in all of the 9 competitions she has entered.

With a perfect sense of composition she blends color, shape, texture, and motion, creating vibrant wearable sculpture that seems to dance.

Yupadee's work is produced exclusively by a third generation precious metal workshop, Grunberger Jewelers, in Stamford, Connecticut, USA.

Yupadee Kobkul-Boonsiri of Stamford, Connecticut has walked away with the most prestigious international prize for designers of gold jewelry - the Gold Vurtuosi Awards.

Called the Gold Vurtuosi Awards, and for designers of gold jewelry, it's the equivalent of the Oscar. Designers from all over the world enter the contest, and this year, the winner is a woman from Stamford Connecticut - Yupadee Kobkul Boonsiri, a designer at Grunberger Jewelers.

The awards were presented in June 2002 in Italy, and are sponsored by the World Gold Council and the renowned Vicenza Jewelry Fair, near Venice. New York based jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris was one of the judges.

The competition attracted some 17 hundred designers from more than 52 countries. The winning entries offer a sneak preview of what is likely to appear on jewelers' shelves for years to come.

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