Yoichi Nagasawa settled to Paris in 1980 after graduating from „Mode Fashion Academy“ of Tokyo.

Because of his accessories creation, he is selected by Tokio Kumagai (ABC Design Paris) to become his only assistant designer.

In 1983 he transferred from ABC Design Paris to Tokio Kumagai International with its foundation. Took charge of designing shoes, all women’s wear, men’s cut&sewn and accessories.

After four years Yoichi became the chief designer for all “Tokio Kumagai” brand apparel.

He was selcted as “World’s Top 10 Shoes Designer” for French fashion magazine “Glamour” in 1987.

In 1988 he joined the Council of Fashion Designers, Tokyo. Yoichi articipated Tokyo Fashion Week since 188-89 Autumn&Winter Collection as “Tokio Kumagai” brand designer. His new original style of the show and his collection itself gave a great influence of the world of designer in Japan.

In 1991 he established his own company STIL.

One year later he launched YOICHI NAGASAWA COLLECTION from STIL. His success lead him to Mainichi Fashion Award New Designer Prize and to be selected by “MUJI” to be the Artistic Director of the design apparel activity. During his time in Muji, the benefit of the company rose by four (from 30 billions to 120 billions yens).

In 1993Yoichi launched “No Concept But Good Sense” as a diffusion brand.

In 1997 he participated in the Paris Collection Week since 1997 Yoichi Nagasawa Spring & Summer Collection and became member of the French Fashion association (Chambre Syndicale du Pret-a-porter). Specially designated to design the uniform of flight attendants for Japan Asia Airline which is worn since August 1998. Original T-shirts and scarves for in-flight sales which started in December 1998 were sold out in one month and still adding its order. He became member of the Jury of the Senken Journal for the “Designer Price”.

Yoichi made a License contract with ITOCHU CORP. for “No Concept But Good Sense” brand in 1998 and started to launch shops all over Japan.

In 2000 Yoichi launched an ecology oriented brand “Self + Service” for Aeon Corp. He takes charge of producing the brand globally.

In 2002 he started designing men’s and ladies’ clothing line for “New Balance”.

In 2004 he designed the uniforms of Tokyo Metro staff and started designing men’s and ladies’ clothing line for “double wrap” from the company SANEI International Corp.

In 2005 Yoichi managed the Master programs in design and fashion at the Kanazawa university of Arts. The same year he also launched a Ladies’ travelbag brand “Tabi” for ACE CORP.

In 2006 he started producing men’s and ladies’ clothing line for “Topvalu” for AEON CORP. he took charge of producing the brand globally.

In 2007 he opened self-produced Neo-Art 6 Craft select shop “Shina” in Kyoto.

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