Werner Baldessarini was born on 23. January 1945, as a son of textile wholesaler, in Austrian Tirol.

His surname comes from his grandparents which had Italian descent. Baldassarini complete an apprenticeship as a textile merchandiser after his school graduation and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Baldessarini started his career in the fashion branch as a retailer for the fashion-house and haderdasher Wagenheimer in Munich. There he became chef-purchaser. In 1975 Baldessarini started to work for the international couturier HUGO BOSS in Metzingen.

There Baldessarini not only created collections, as chef-designer he was also responsible for the progress of the Boss-design. In 1988 Baldessarini was appointed as board of directors of HUGO BOSS AG.

In his time as board of director the turnover of Hugo Boss grow over 400 million euro to totaling 1,1 million euro. After his contract as board member 2002 was continued, Baldessarini didn’t stand by for a extra time. As his follower at HUGO BOSS, Bruno E. Sälzer was appointed.

The Austrian Baldessarine was placed altogether for 27 years as chef-designer and for three and a half year a board of director for the international fashiongroup. Thereby Baldessarini did not only lead the company as manager to the head but also in the creative area.

The company own him his worldwide degree of popularity and the status, to belong to the leading couturiers worldwide. Till 2003 the worldwide concern employed more than 4.000 employees. Baldessarinis career deemend to be in the fashion branch as exemplary.

Under the leading of Baldessarini the amount of the employees was doubled. He stand up for the introduction of women’s wear.

After his retirement from the HUGO BOSS AG, at which he further on stayed to act as the board of director, Baldessarini dedicate of his own label, which he offers under the labeling “Baldessarini”. There for it act for luxus- fashion at the upper price class group. Beside he also introduced a fragrance line to the market.

The Look

The Baldessarini Signature represents the successful and confident man. It stands for individuals, cosmopolitans and gentlemen who don’t feel the need take themselves too seriously. The collection is crafted in traditional sartorial fashion, in which unconventional styles and a passion for detail are fused with exclusively selected materials. The collection delights with ultra-light silk suits and half-lined cashmere-linen blazers, washed-leather bomber jackets and nylon jackets with leather embellishments. Distinctive details like perforated leather, contrasting under collars and pocket pouches are fashioned from tie silk and the club blazers are given lavishly adorned buttons. The harmony of the colour pallet is accentuated by powerful tones.


2002 Baldessarini (M)
2007 Ambré (M)
2007 Del Mar Baldessarini (M)
2007 Del Mar Caribbean (M)
2008 Del Mar Marbella Edition (M)
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