Wendy Yue was born in Hong Kong and trained in Vienna. Following her studies she wasted no time in gaining practical experience, entering into the jewellery business at an early age. She became a world traveller, spending most of her time in Europe. She was exposed to the various aspects of the jewellery industry, but was haunted by a strong feeling that something was missing, until she formed her own atelier, Diamond Tree which allowed her to realize her vision and creativity.

The collections that she presents each season are unfailingly innovative. Over eighteen years of experience has pushed the company to the forefront of the jewelery industry in Hong Kong making Wendy one of the most renowned jewelery designers of the city.

The Look

Wendy’s work is renowned across the Far East and Europe for intricacy and elegance. Inspired by her passion for nature and travels in Asia and Europe, her imagination has no boundaries, and is uniquely expressed in her bold, innovative designs.

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