Vivienne Tam was born in Canton, China, on 7th December, 1962. She left China for Hong Kong when she was 2 years old. She studied at Hong Kong's Polytechnic Fashion School. She also studied for some time in London.

In 1981, she went to New York and in 1982, she established her own label. Her first collection was named East Wind Code.

She launched her Vivienne Tam collection at 7th on 6th runway in 1993, and now has boutiques in New York, Hong Kong as well as Tokyo and Kobe in Japan.

In 1997 Vivienne Tam launched the venerable Buddha collection.

In 2000 she published her book "China Chic" which chronicles Chinese art, clothing and culture.

She called her Spring 2000 collection, "the Year of the Dragon" and the dragon appeared on many of her garments. For Spring 2001, she was inspired by the New York sky colours and skyline which she can see from her window.

The Look

The dual cultural exposure can be clearly detected in her work, an expression of an original encounter between the Oriental and the Occidental Vivienne Tam has built a presence in fashions that are appealing to all ages, ethnicities, and income levels. She has earned the reputation for offering a stylish and high-quality product while at the same time inviting the consumer to experience the inspiration behind it. A longstanding dedication to innovation and exotic imagery, Vivienne Tam is truly one of the world’s most passionate and symbolic designers in fashion today.

Who Wears It

Alanis Morissette, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Tan, Ashley Judd, Fiona Apple, Faith Evans, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julia Roberts, Goldy Hawn, Madonna and Britney Spears

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