Tracey Boyd was born in England in 1961. She has a younger sister Lucilla married to Adam. Tracey Boyd is a graduate of Ecole des Communications et des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. In the early 80's she worked for Crolla in Mayfair making printed dresses. Customers included Boy George and Bob Geldorf. In 1990 she married Adrian.

She started her company in 1996 and held her first runway collection in 2000.

She won the New Designer award for 2000 from the Rover British Fashion awards.

Spring 2001 was Tracey's third catwalk collection and her inspiration was 'WOMAN'. Her Fall 2001 collection took inspiration from Madonna, with lace stockings and lace bodysuits paired with boots. Here is an example of an outfit from Fall 2001.

She has now added Swimwear to her line and produces a collection for Top Shop.

She is currently working on an exclusive childrenswear line for Semmalina in London.

The Look

Tracey is known for her sharp and edgy designs. She combines feminine glamour with young hip creations.

Who Wears It

Gwyneth Paltrow, Beth Alton and Charlene Spiteri

Official Social Media

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