Torello was born in Senigallia in1885. He spent his childhood in his father’s workshop and learned the craft of shoemaking. From his father he learned not only the tricks of the trade, but also two characteristics that are found in the Berluti family to this day: love of his work, no matter how demanding, and a spirit of conquest. To these he would add a quality of his own - an infinite love of shoes, which he saw with the aesthetic eye of a sculptor. He loved the shoes he made so much that it was difficult for him to be separated from them when the customer arrived to pick them up.

The Duke of Windsor, one of the greatest Berluti customers, would say that the Napoleon II shoe, which was high-cut with elastic sides, offers something both nice and naughty.

In 1928, he left his native Italy for France and set to

work establishing the Berluti style through iconic & emblematic styles. Berluti creations began being compared to works of art by connoisseurs and dandies.

The sam year Torello opend a workshop and a boutique on the rue Mont-Thabor, marked with the nameplace "Berluti, Luxury Footwear". With success, the Berluti workshop had become too small and after exploring the neighbourhood, he at last found his perfect location at 26 rue Marbeuf.

In the early sixties, the Maison Berluti started gaining international notoriety.....

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