the designers

Stuart A. Weitzman is the designer of the internationally famous, high-end shoe company, Stuart Weitzman Inc.

Weitzman's father, Seymour Weitzman, started a shoe factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts in the late 1950's, "Seymour Shoes" (also sold under the "Mr. Seymour" label.) Stuart Weitzman began designing shoes for his father's business in the early 1960's, when Stuart was in his 20's.

Stuart graduated George W. Hewlett High School in 1958 and the Wharton School of Business in 1963. When Seymour Weitzman died in 1965, Stuart took over the business with his older brother, Warren Weitzman. They sold the business to a company in Spain in 1972, but Stuart continued to design shoes for the company. In 1994, he bought back the business, but continues to manufacture his shoe designs in Spain.

the label

His shoes are now sold in 45 countries — everywhere from France to the West Indies to Japan.

The Look

Stuart Weitzman's trademark use of unique materials (e.g. cork, vinyl, Lucite, wallpaper, and 24-karat gold) and his attention to detail have garnered him and his company a global following and admiration.

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