Simonetta, Giuliano’s oldest daugther, has always demonstrated her courage and managerial tenacity in pleasant contrast to a marked femminility.

Wife, mother, enterpreneur and designer at the same time, Simonetta did not encounter any difficulty in working at a job such Fashion, so similar to her role as a woman.

She got a degree in Languages, and soon joined her father’s business where there was room for her to be free to demonstrate her creativity.

First she was in charge of coordinating a team of designers, then she, herself, signed her name to a collection of High Fashion furs. Today, Simonetta has become a number one figure of Italian Fashion.

The prestigious brand that bears her name, 'Simonetta Ravizza', is considered very important among the Made-in-Italy furs. Every year, her presentation continues to attract a great number of famous people as well as journalists, customers and employees. They all highly praise and admire her.

The Look

Sophisticatec but also modern; refined but practical, Simonetta Ravizza has thus been able to set her own style with her special look in a collections which reflects her personality and her femminility in every way.

Who Wears It

Ana Laura Ribas, Nina Moric, Martina Colombari, Naomi Campbell, Christopher Lambert, Simona Ventrua, Elena Santarelli, Catherine Deneuve, Afef Jnifen, Valeria Mazza, Cristina Chiabotto,

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