Born in Brazil and now living in California with her husband and children, Sheila Fajl brings her extensive fashion industry experience to her original line of jewellery. She began her fashion career as a model, and then explored other unrelated positions, working in sales, design, marketing, management and manufacturing. She used her work experience to guide her entrepreneurial ventures as a jewelry designer.

The Look

Although her line is extremely fashion-forward, staying in vogue is not Sheila’s ultimate goal. She simply desires to design jewelry that makes women look and feel special. Sheila’s style is contemporary and perfect with the latest fashion trends. Graceful settings cradle gigantic stones, enhancing their beauty without distraction. Her non-stone pieces feature clean lines that are just as romantic.

Who Wears It

Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Kate Hudson, Selma Hayek, Katherine McPhee, Paula Abdul,

Official Social Media

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