Earnest Sewn's Designer and President, Scott Morrison, was born and raised in Palm Springs, California. Morrison spent his collegiate years attending the University of Washington-Seattle while on an atheletic scholarship for golf. Through golf, he developed an interest in the clothing industry, and after a brief stint playing golf professionally, he committed himself to learning the apparel business from the ground up, and took a full time position working for Seattle based designer, Derek Andrew.

In 1998, at the age of 25, Scott was hired to oversee a new denim division of Mudd Jeans, based in NYC. Jack Jeans, as it would be known, struggles to find its place in the better jeans market, and in an attempt to bring the failing concept to life, Scott developed a new idea for an American made denim collection that would compete with the likes of Diesel and Replay. His vision was realized in 1999 when the Jack jeans division was closed, and the company instead chose to invest in Morrison's new concept: Paper Denim & Cloth. Over the next 4 years at Paper Denim, Scott's reputation in the industry grew. As co-founder and designer of Paper Denim & Cloth, he quickly established the growing operation as one of the world's preeminent denim brands. Inspired by that growth he began incorporating other areas of personal and cultural interest into the budding lifestyle concept. One example was infusing artist collaborations and Limited Edition projects within the Paper Denim aesthetic. The result was one of the first of its kind, and provided an unparalleled medium for talented artists, such as Faile and Bast, to explore their concepts on clothing and gain worldwide exposure in the process. Morrison also published, personally, a limited Edition retrospective of emerging underground artists, in a book called Boredom 2003 which further fused his 2 great loves, underground art and innovative design.

After almost 5 years at one of the first American success stories in the premium denim market, Morrison has stepped out on his own. His new creation is a dual fold design concept called "Earnest Sewn" and "An Earnest Cut & Sew". Both brands are built on his obsession for quality, uniqueness, and the innovative fusion of 2 diverse vintage aesthetics.

The focal point of the new Earnest Sewn collections are an appreciation for denim's Americana past coupled with the Japanese aesthetic system of Wabi-sabi, which contends that perfection is found in the imperfect. These 2 themes are represented throughout the Earnest Sewn collections and incorporated into Morrison's classically understated designs and overt attention to detail. Earnest Sewn will undoubtedly become a modern day testament to beauty, tradition, and the ever present influence of denim in our continually evolving world culture.

Scott Morrison, now 32, resides in Woodstock, NY and NYC. Although he'd enjoy spending more time creating and designing furniture in his upstate woodshop, or fly-fishing on the Esopus Creek, he can be found most days, and most nights, overseeing the Earnest operations and designing its men's and women's collections from Earnest's offices in Meat Packing District in NYC. Morrison's partners in Earnest Sewn are longtime friends and muses, Lori Jacobs and Eleanor Lembo.

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