Ruth Sigrid Grafstrom was born in 1905. Her name seems to indicate that she was of Scandinavian descent. Her illustration work started appearing in American Vogue in 1933 and she probably remained with them until World War II.

She was one of the artists regularly contributing during the 30's and had an immediate and lasting effect upon the style and appearance of the magazine, not through any personal revolution or innovation, but simply by work so distinctly of its time. The work was now more painterly than graphic, more direct and freely expressive in its statement than apparently deliberate and closely designed"

In 1937 Ruth sketched a gown designed by American designer Muriel King.

Right from the beginning she drew coloured illustrations of clothes by Molyneux and Bergdorf and Vogue mentions "Ruth Grafstrom acknowledges her debt to Matisse, but Vogue's mind is on the capes".

Ruth Grafstrom's work is not seen in Vogue after the start-up of World War II, and not much is known about her thereafter.

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