Roberto Coin was born on July, 25, 1944 in Venice, Italy. After losing his father when he was 7, he was sent to boarding school in Switzerland at the age of 11 to learn the hotel trade and obtained the Diploma from L’Ecole Hotelier de Lausanne.

At 18 years old, he departed to England and worked for one year as a manager assistant for a prestigious Hotel in Guernsey Island, C.I. After that, he started his own business and at the age of 24 he became a famous young hotelier in the Channel Islands.

Since he was young he loved fashion so, at the age of 32, as a successful hotelier, he decided to sell everything to return to Italy and give his dream a try. In the first years, the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, he learned everything he could from everyone who had something to teach him.

In 1984, he felt ready to begin designing jewellery.

After more than a decade of making jewels for other jewellers, Roberto Coin inaugurated his own brand in 1996. He began designing as many as 150 pieces a year, which then became 600.

Since the first collections, a tiny signature ruby has been a part of every Roberto Coin collection piece, as Mr Coin personal wish to every woman wearing his jewels. In fact, according to an ancient belief, wearing a ruby near the skin promoted a long, healthy and happy life.

Roberto Coin now lives in Vicenza, Italy and is married to Pilar, who was a bank director in Switzerland but has studied gemology and drawings since becoming involved in the Marketing of the Company. They have a son, Kevin, while Roberto Coin’s adult children from a previous marriage, Carlo and Paola, are also involved in the family business. Paola started working for the company within the past three years, while Carlo is President of La Quinta Stagione, one of the Roberto Coin jewellery production centres.

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