Many things have influenced the life of Designer Robert Rodriguez; but it was Christian Dior that played an integral role. At the age of four, Robert moves with his family from Cuba to Miami. After school he works at his mother’s clothing factory sewing shirt collars. Robert’s mother gave him a book on Christian Dior and it was that book that became Robert’s bible and doorway into the world of fashion couture.

Robert Rodriguez attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where he was recognized for his beautiful and unique designs and received the prestigious Critics Award for Best Designer of the Year.

After completing his education, Robert Rodriguez accepted a Design position ironically working for Christian Dior under the guidance of Marc Bohen and Geri Gerald. Robert’s exceptional artistry and styling skills as well as his commitment to elegant dressmaking quickly gained him recognition among his peers and within the industry. Robert was inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of American (CFDA) in 2010.

In 2003, Robert co-founded his namesake label Robert Rodriguez, a sophisticated, feminine, sexy, contemporary collection. Since the launch of Robert Rodrigues, the designer has subsequently created Black Label and Robbi and Nikki. All of Roberts collections incorporate the principles of haute couture by focusing on fashion, quality and fit. Through his work, Robert is able to translate his vision of beauty, desirability, sophistication and modernity into pieces that women truly feel elation in wearing.

The Robert Rodriguez collections have garnered widespread acclaim from retailers, fashion editors, and trendsetters worldwide.

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Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Angela Bassett, Nicole Kidman, Angela Bassett, Eva Longoria, Oprah Winfrey

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