Pearce Fionda is the two-man design team made up of Reynold Pearce (born 1965) and Andrew Fionda (born 1967) two British designers. They met when they were both studying fashion at Nottingham Trent University from 1985 to 1988. Andrew followed this up with an M.A. at the Royal College of Art, and Ren (short for Reynold) with an M.A. at Central St. Martins.

Between degrees Ren worked for John Galliano during his "black and yellow" phase from 1988 to 1989 where he gained training in specialized cutting and tailoring techniques. After college, he worked for Roland Klein as his design assistant. Andrew designed for Alexon after his M.A. and then worked in Hong Kong with John McIntyre.

In October 1994, they made their debut with their first collection. It was a smash hit. For Spring 1995, when everyone else was showing a pastel palette, they showed only black and white clothes on the catwalk, which again was very successful.

In 1997, the duo launched their Diffusion line Pearce II Fionda.

In November 2003, Andrew Fionda announced his collection of Little Black Dresses. It appears that he is designing independently.

The Look

Pearce Fionda's silhouettes are achieved by superb tailoring. With their stiff peplums, jackets that flatter the body and their best-selling pencil skirt, they won over the clients. Their body-flattering dresses speak volumes about glamour without artifice. The duo have a brand which is enticing younger, more fashion-literate consumers away from traditional eveningwear houses. They are obsessed with providing feminine, flattering and functional designs for the consumer who wants to be contemporary rather than contrived.

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