the designers

In the case of Diesel, the individual who has powered the company's growth is Renzo Rosso.

Born in 1955, he attended an industrial textile manufacturing school and after graduating in 1975 he began making his own clothing.

In 1978 he joined forces with several other manufactures in his region to form the Genius Group, which created many successful brands still widely known today, such as Katherine Hamnett, Goldie, Martin Guy, Ten Big Boys and, of course, Diesel.

In 1985 Renzo took complete control of Diesel by buying out the other partners and becoming the sole force behind the brand. Thereafter the company began a period of remarkable growth and expansion.

It was thus that, in 1996, Renzo Rosso and Diesel received the "Premio Risultati" award from the prestigious Bocconi Institute in Milan for being the "Best Italian Company of the Year". Renzo was also nominated by American Ernst & Young as "Entrepreneur of the Year" for 1997 for the company's strong moves in the U.S. In December 1997, the English music and trend magazine "Select" included Renzo in a special classification of the 100 most important people in the world who will contribute to the shape of the new Millennium.

the label

The brand Diesel was born more than 20 years ago and is today an innovative international design company, manufacturing jeans and casual clothing as well as accessories. It is present in over 50 countries with 10,000 points of sale and 40 company-owned stores.

Diesel's "historical moments" include mile-stones like 1978 (creation of the brand name), 1985 (Renzo's complete acquisition of the company), 1991 (beginning of the international marketing strategy), 1996 (opening of Diesel's first flagship store on New York City's Lexington Avenue) and in 2002 the started up the Diesel Denim Gallery in Soho, New York.

Up until last year, the company was known as the Diesel Style Lab, but now the name has been shortened to just DIESEL.

Most of Diesel's current production is outsourced, to small and medium-sized companies. Production of denim jeans is based exclusively in Italy. All international logistics operations (wholesale and retail) are centrally managed and carefully controlled. Today Diesel is a global concern with a consolidated annual turnover of 540 billion Lire (US$ 320 millions), 85% of which is generated outside Italy.

The Headquarters are located in Molvena, in the north-eastern part of Italy, where the company manages 12 subsidiaries.

In October 2003, Diesel have launched into jewellery in partnership with Planegonda and Zancan, comprising sterling silver pieces decorated with leather, horn and resin. Semi-precious stones including red onyx and tiger's eyes will be used. They are already proving hot property across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Diesel employs over 1,000 people worldwide.

The Look

Diesel is principally known for Jeans as a mixture of art and product, Jean jackets, tank tops, T-shirts, and they sell many other items of clothing and accessories. They hold their seasonal collections during New York fashion weeks.


1996 Diesel (U)
1997 Diesel Plus Plus (M)
1997 Diesel Plus Plus (W)
2000 D by Diesel (M)
2000 Diesel Zero Plus (M)
2000 Diesel Zero Plus (W)
2001 Diesel Green (M)
2001 Diesel Green (W)

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