Peter Friesen is a Canadian fashion designer and the Creative Director behind the „preloved“ label.

He was born in Paraguay. As the youngest in a Mennonite family of nine, Peter moved to Steinbach, Manitoba at the age of four. It was here that Peter developed the values that have steered him through life.

At age 20, seduced by urban culture, Peter moved to Toronto and entered Ryerson University’s Fashion Design Program. His co-op work placement was at a budding Preloved, a perfect match for his unique design sensibility.

Inspired by the restrictions of vintage clothing, Peter creates future-wear, beautifully rebuilt out of clothing from the past. Scraps of forgotten workpants reappear as an elegant evening gown, and curtains are re-born as stunning summer skirts.

The Look

Preloved clothes are always highly identifiable, while still “one of a kind”.

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