After years of making bikinis and maillots for her dolls as a hobby, Paola realized her dream of starting her own swimsuit line for friends to wear and enjoy. Through producing bikinis in her garage in Sao Paulo and selling them in a friend's clothing store, Poko Pano was born in 1990.

The popularity of her Poko Pano bikinis grew, and Paola could not keep up with the increasing demand from customers. Never wanting to sacrifice quality for quantity, Paola began hiring employees to help increase production and was able to maintain the renowned quality and style of her suits.

Poko Pano's debut in the fashion world came in 2002 when the company was invited to Sao Paulo Fashion Week, one of the most renowned fashion shows in the world. Seeing Paola's designs for the first time on a runway, fashion editors and swimwear specialists fell in love with Poko Pano's unique, individual style and featured the bikinis in newspapers and fashion magazines around the globe.

Poko Pano's U.S. debut came in 2008 when Paola displayed her 2009 Collection in her first ever U.S. runway show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, held at The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach. Paola continues to present her newest collections in Miami and Sao Paulo each year, as her designs capture audiences around the world.

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Beyonce, Angie Harmon, Mischa Barton, Marisa Miller, LeAnn Rimes, Elle MacPherson

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