The Moscow-based design duo of Nina Neretina 8born 19689 and Donis Poupis (born 1969) have been collaborating on ready-to-wear collections under the Nina Donis label since 1992. Having met at the Moscow Textil Acadamy, where they both suited from 1987-92, their progress has been bound up with one of the most turbulent periods of political history.. It was at this time, in 1989, that Donis Poupis decided to make Moscow his permanent home. He had already started collaborating at art college with Nina Neretina, who comes from just outside Voronezh, a city in central Russia. Since then, Nina Donis have shown at home and abroad, gaining sales in both places, and have exhibited at the designers exhibition during London Fashion Week.

From 1992 to 2000 they crated conceptual mini collections and worked as stylist in Moscow.

In 2000 they founded NINA DONIS in Russia.

The Look

Not surprisingly, like other designers who have emerged from the former Soviet Union in recent years, their clothing often appears as a reaction to, and an interaction with, the political climate. Nina Donis’ designs are a million miles away from the ‘boy meets tractor’ aesthetic of the Socialist Realism of old; instead there is a dept to the British pop eccentricity found in early Westwood, Galliano and McQueen. Yet, at the same time, their work is tinged with a certain kind of Russian romantic nostalgia which, according to the designers, relates to the optimistic period of Perstroika

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