Ángel Schlesser began his career in fashion working with the designer Juan Rufete in his workshop. A year later he designed his first menswear collection for the Autumn-Winter 1984-85 season.

This designer is a regular at the Cibeles Fashion Show, where he has presented his womenswear collections every year since 1988, except for a brief period when he formed part of a breakaway group of designers. At the 1997 edition of Cibeles he received the award for creativity. In 1991 he received the Golden T from Telva magazine for Best New Designer. In 1996 he opened his first store in Madrid, which was followed by further stores in Bilbao, Valencia, Santander, Seville and Granada.

Ángel Schlesser has worked actively with professionals and institutions belonging to various sectors of the fashion industry. In the year 2000 he was commissioned to design and produce two sets for the Anniversary of the opening ceremony of the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona. He has also designed the costumes for several full-length feature films, including Hazlo por mí (by Ángel Fernández Santos) and Más que amor frenesí (by Albacete y Menkes).

In 1999 he launched his first women's fragrance and toiletries range, which he called Ángel Schlesser. It was followed by the version for men in 2001. His first collection of accessories (shoes, bags and belts) was presented in the year 2000. That same year he also designed and produced the uniforms for the hostesses at Santander City Council's Department of Tourism.

Ángel Schlesser first appeared on the international scene in 1998, when he took part in a fashion show of Spanish designs in Tel Aviv. In July 2001 he accompanied the President of the Spanish Government, José María Aznar, on his visit to Mexico, presenting his collection at a fashion show sponsored by the Spanish Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX).


2000 Angel Schlesser Femme (W)
2001 Angel Schlesser Homme (M)
2005 Angel Schlesser Essential (W)
2006 Angel Schlesser Essential for Men (M)
2007 sprit de Gingembre Pour Femme (W)
2007 Esprit de Gingembre Pour Homme (M)
2009 Angel Schlesser Homme Oriental Edition (M)
2009 Angel Schlesser Oriental Edition II (W)
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