After graduating from the Toulouse 'Beaux-Arts' – Art School and from the AFPIC, the Paris Technical Centre of Shoe and Leather Goods Design, Nathalie has expanded and developped the accessories for the famous French fashion houses. Such as Balmain, Michel Klein, Thierry Mugler, and Lagerfeld Gallery.

As a freelance designer, she has also created the Paule Ka shoe collection from 2004 to the summer of 2007, notably their very futurisitic and high-heeled models which had an enormous success with the press.

She created her own and personal collection LaRare in January 2007, whilst still working for other labels such as Anne Valérie Hash, Chapurin, Michel Klein and Guilty Brotherhood. She has also been teaching 'the art of creating shoes' at the ‘Institut Français de la Mode’- French Institute for fashion, since 2001.

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