British designer Nasir Mazhar debuted in the fashion world as a hairdresser for models. From working in the hairdressing industry training with Vidal Sassoon, he became frustrated with limitations of hair, wanting to create more defined shapes impossible with hair. So he started to use materials to assist the hair soon becoming constructions and shapes irrespective of the hair, and very quickly becoming headwear!

In 2007 he has been working as a theatrical hatter with Mark Wheeler for 2 years, first meeting him when he was working on Kylie's first Showgirl tour. Since then, he has worked on productions with Rambert Dance Company, The Royal Opera House, Globe Theatre, National Theatre and Barbican amongst others.

The Look

True works of art, his hats are sublime. Nasir Mazhar creates unique pieces from diverse and varied materials like leather, iron, wire, knit, feathers and wood. Nasir Mazhar says his style is virtually indefinable as his designs are so eclectic. “I can go from a form of comic childishness to aggressiveness to classic”.

Who Wears It

Madonna, Lady Gaga,

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