Melody Rodger’s passion for jewelry is in her DNA. Her mother, Terry Rodgers was a respected presence in New York's antique jewelry business for 40 years. By observing her mother buy and sell all kinds of jewelry - from rare estate pieces to flea market treasures- Melody developed her own unique eye for both jewelry and her customer. She recognized that any woman can make a statement without saying a word when wearing the right accessories.

Melody began re-designing antique jewelry to offer her clients a distinctly modern jewelry wardrobe. Inspired by classic themes such as collars and buckles, antique coins and the bangle bracelet combined with a modern look and fit, Melody began defining her own collection.

For the past two decades Melody Rodgers' thoughtfully curated collection has been a favorite of fashion editors and stylists alike and is regarded as one of the best resources for their client's red carpet events. Also, Melody's jewelry has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, In Style, and Italian Vogue.

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