Matina Sukhahuta studied jewelry design at Central Saint Martins and graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in product design. As a student her passion for jewelry led her to create one-of-kind collection for the runway shows of Sretsis, the clothing line of her sister Pim Sukhahuta. Upon graduating Parsons in 2005, Matina developed her personal collection, and formed Matina Amanita.

Matina Amanita includes a precious line, as well as a line of costume jewelry. Additionally, Matina Amanita continues to create unique pieces for Sretsis shows.

The Look

Inspired by the magic of the everyday, Matina Amanita is at once fantastical and charmingly feminine. Blending imagination with glamorous femininity, turning ordinary objects into a new found treasures.

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