the designer

Mariella Burani was born in Cavriago, Reggio Emilia. She once wanted to be a primary school teacher before she became a fashion designer.

When she became the wife of Burani Garment Group company's General manger, her life of fashion design began.

During the years of end of 1960s and beginning of 1970s, Burani was named the pet of Italian children's garments. Her design's activity reflects the children's innocence and made her dream of "being king of the children" during her childhood come true. In 1975, she began to be in charge of fashion design of the Burani Company.

It was a chance meeting with photographer Peter Lindbergh that catapulted her to fame. The famed German photographer told Mariella Burani, “her clothes was like seeing his mother’s and grandmother’s on a chic, modern girl who wore army boots on her feet.”

It was her years in Reggio Emilia where she attended schools since fifth grade that inspired Mariella Burani’s designs.

The dainty Reggio girls who dressed in grays and subtle hues on one side and the women of Cavriago who went to work on the fields and weeded the rice paddies on the other evoked an image of delicate yet strong women to Mariella Burani, and eventually, the combination of these two worlds became her design philosophy.

Together with photographer Peter Lindbergh, Mariella Burani started a black and white theme on the “Mariella Burani woman” – a woman who on the move, a woman who laughs and cries, a woman who dresses like a woman but has an androgynous streak.

She attended the highest level Italian fashion presentation – ladies under the Star - several times and was awarded the Italian Republic Knight Prize. She has won the Best Costume Design Prize of Hollywood as well.

There’s nothing wrong with her, but she is not perfect either. But it’s her imperfections that gives her charm and makes her lovable.

And in the grand scheme of things, these little imperfections are what make the world go round!

Burani now has many monopolies around the world including fine fragrances and perfumes for women such as Mariella Burani and the original Mariella.

the company

Mariella Burani Fashion Group (MBFG) designs, produces and distributes world wide a diversified and complementary range of Luxury apparel, footwear, leather accessory and jewellery collections under its own brands and under license for prestigious international designers.

MBFG founded in 1960 by Walter Burani, Chariman and CEO of the Group listed in the STAR segment of the Italian stock exchange since July, 2000, is today an internationally recognized public company with an established position in the accessible luxury goods market. The Group’s dynamic revenue growth is attributable to internal development including product diversification, brand expansion, and new geographic market penetration. The Group has also made strategic acquisitions to capitalize on the know-how and experience developed by niche players in the Italian apparel, leather goods and jewellery sectors.

MBFG manages to provide top quality luxury goods at accessible prices by capitalizing on the strength and flexibility provided by Italy’s industrial districts, world renown for their excellence in the development of luxury products.

The Group’s aim is to become one of the leading players in the accessible luxury market worldwide by further developing its product offering, its brand portfolio, and its global distribution network.


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