Wyclef Jean's wife, Marie Claudinette Pierre Jean is one of the top Haitian-American women in the fashion industry. Mrs.Jean was named after the Haitian Beauty Queen "Claudinette Fushard ".

Her ambitious love for fashion enables her to pursue a career in Fashion design instead of one in the medical profession at Montclair State University, NJ.

Under her designs collections' brand name "Fusha", Claudinette characterizes a new style and fashion sense into the industry.

Notably, she dressed her husband and his band for a recent performance at the European MTV Music Awards. As a result, In Style Magazine dubbed Wyclef one of entertainment's top ten best dressed men.

With the help and support of her talented husband Wyclef Jean ( left site in the above photo) implies that Claudinette has all.

The Look

Fusha appeals to men and women with a sense of style who want to make a statement with their clothes. French Caribbean Couture which combines her love of 18th century fashions and the aristocratic flamboyance and elegance from that historical period, with her inherent Caribbean aesthetic and a modern sensibility.

Who Wears It

Mary J. Blige, Kelly Price, Whitney Houston, Ja Rule, Desiree Coleman, Wyclef Jean

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