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Marc Jacobs was born on April 9, 1963, the son of two theatrical agents. His father died when he was only 7 years old. He went to live with his grandmother, who taught him how to knit.

After his graduation at the High School of Art & Design, he entered Parsons School of Design, and in his final year (1984) created a collection of handknit sweaters (made by his grandmother) which won him the Perry Ellis Golden Thimble award. Spent his formative years shuttling between school and Studio 54, the Manhattan Disco. After graduating, he designed under his own label for two years, creating irreverent take-offs of 60's hippie style clothing and versions of patchwork and gingham.

While studying, Marc Jacobs won many prizes including "Design Student of the Year 1984". This gave Marc Jacobs the opportunity to start his first ready-to-wear collection for Ruben Thomas Inc. In 1986, with the support of Kashyama USA Inc., Marc Jacobs designed his first collection with his own "Marc Jacobs" label.

In 1987 Marc Jacobs received the "Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent", the highest tribute possible in the American fashion world.

In 1989 Marc Jacobs joined Perry Ellis and was named Vice-President of Women's Design. While at Perry Ellis, Marc Jacobs created the designer collection as well as overseeing the various women's licensees.

In 1992, the CFDA once agai bestowed Jacobs with a distint honor: womenswear designer of the year.

He left Perry Ellis in 1993, he went back to designing under his own label. He favours sensuous fabrics such as angora, cashmere and mohair and will occasionally surprise with neon rubber separates and laminated sequined jeans.

In 1997, he was voted Womenswear Designer of the Year by the CFDA. At the same year, he won the design job at Louis Vuitton, the elegant French luggage maker. He has introduced modern pop and kisch into their sedate image. He also makes what the New York Times calls his 'caviar clothes' for the up market women. Rich women in the 30's are attracted to his witty update of the Vuitton brand that has been carried by generations before them. Robert Duffy is Jacobs business partner, who has worked with him from his earliest days at Perry Ellis. Louis Vuitton is owned by LVMH of Arnault Bernard, the same owner of Givenchy and Dior. LVMH appointed Jacobs to the helm of Vuitton giving him responsibility for launching the ready-to-wear collections, and adding new accessories to the existing lines. Marc Jacobs has now moved to Paris, although he prefers working in his New York studio. His Paris studio is just steps away from the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Marc Jacobs is just the person to propel the 154 year old company into the future. Vuitton, an impeccable but rather conservative leather-goods house, is now one of the world's most sought-after fashion labels.

In the year 2000/2002, the city of New York decided to honour 24 American fashion designers by placing bronze plaques along the pavement of 7th Avenue, the great street of fashion in New York. This has been called the "FASHION WALK OF FAME." Marc Jacobs was one of those honoured with a plaque.

In May, Marc Jacobs confirmed that he had signed a new contract with LVMH for ten years. He issued an emotional statement that Bernard Arnault had helped him considerably and his loyalty was never in question. We will therefore be seeing his designs at Louis Vuitton for many years to come.

In August 2004, Marc celebrated the opening of his latest US store in Boston. The theme was the Olympics which were going on at the time, and Marc himself was decked out in fencing kit. This year he will open stores in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Chicago.

the label

Marc Jacobs is very well known for his accesory line with handbags, sun glasses, perfume, wallets, watches and jewelry. Next to the accesory line there's also Marc Jacobs jeans, suits, shirts, coats and even flipflops.

The Look

Bright colors, oversize prints, layered looks, empire lines, rugby stripes, oversize bows and buttons, and pretty, prom-like party dresses.

Who Wears It

The downtown crowd with eclectic or edgy tastes, including Winona Ryder, Uma Thurman, the Olsen twins, Drew Barrymore, Sophia Coppola, Scarlett Johansson, and Maggie Gyllenhall.


2001 Marc Jacobs (W)
2002 Marc Jacobs (M)
2003 Marc Jacobs Essence (W)
2004 Marc Jacobs Blush (W)
2007 Marc Jacobs Splash (W)
2007 Splash in Orange (W)
2007 Splash in Rain (W)
2007 Splash in Cucumber (W)
2007 Daisy (W)

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