the designers

From the early age of two, it was apparent that Marc Buchanan had a desire to be involved in design and the fine arts. Painting, sculpting and ceramics were among his favorite past times and something he would develop in later years. But it was ultimately design that made his name known.

By the time Buchanan reached his teen years, he demonstrated the makings of a true designer. He first learned his craft by picking up books and reading about design, pattern making and fabrics. That was not something uncommon for Buchanan who by the time he reached high school had already been designing clothes for himself.

Buchanan had always been an entrepreneur at heart. By 1971, Buchanan launched his first apparel company called Gandolf & Company, a men's and women's leather outerwear and sportswear firm. Buchanan owned and ran Gandolf until 1976, when he sold it to explore other interests. Buchanan began doing freelance design work, while at the same time, attending Cranbrook Art Academy for sculpture classes.

Within two years, Buchanan was at it again. This time developing a leather outerwear brand that he would call Pelle Pelle. The brand would debut in 1978 and would later evolve into one of the leading young men's lifestyle brands of the 21st century.

Buchanan keeps to the same design and philosophy principles of his early years: providing consumers with direction; creating extreme but tasteful wearable fashions and at the same time, keeping the integrity of his product.

the label

For over a quarter century, Pelle Pelle has been one of the most trusted names in the urban apparel industry. Since 1978, when owner and Chairman of the Board Marc Buchanan founded Pelle Pelle, the company has been providing the urban consumer with stylish and fashion forward products. Known for its high end quality leather jackets with state of the art graphics and incredibly soft leather, Pelle, in 1992 entered the sportswear market and pioneered the urban fit for jeans which now has become the industry standard.

Pelle, which means leather in Italian, provides quality products for men, women and kids.

Committed to providing high-end products to the consumer and world-class customer service to the retailer, Pelle Pelle continues to be an urban tradition.

The Look

The global brand is recognized for its fashion-forward products, state-of-the-art graphics and high-end collectible jackets, and is a wardrobe favorite among major musicians and stars. The company was recently honored by some of hip-hop’s founders, when it was asked to design a studded leather jacket for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. The group wore the jacket during their induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Pelle Pelle will also be featured in the 2009 major motion picture, “Notorious,” chronicling the life of rap artist Biggie Smalls.

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