Luciano Soprani was born in Reggiolo, Italy, in 1946. He studied agriculture but this did not satisfy him, and he moved into the fashion field after leaving college.

After studying agriculture, he joined the firm of Max Mara in 1967, designing their ready-to-wear clothing. He stayed with them for 8 years and gained practical experience.

In 1974, he started to do freelance designing for Italian companies, including Gucci, PMS, Hetiete and Nazareno Gabrielli. He was also associated as a consultant to the house of Basile from 1981.

Although he was making ready-to-wear garments, his first runway collection was in Milan in 1981. He also designed wardrobe for the movie Wild Orchid.

In 1995 Luciano branched out into Perfumes and brought out his first fragrance called Solo. This has been followed by many other beautiful perfumes.

Luciano Soprani died on 14th October, 1999 at the age of 53.

However, his house is continuing. Dr. Dilio Ortigoza, who was Soprani's right-hand man and co-founder of the company, took over the artistic direction of the Luciano Soprani name with the help of a new designer named Alessandro Turci taking his vision into the 21st century.

The Look

Soprani had a lively approach to fashion, mixing disciplined tailoring with strong colours. He was a forceful Italian talent.


1887 Luciano Soprani Donna
1988 Soprani Uomo
1995 Solo
1996 Active (W)
1997 Soprani Blu (W)
1998 Solo Rosa (W)
1999 People (W)
1999 People (M)
2001 Solo White (W)
2004 Jolie (W)
2004 Just Free (M)
2006 Flirt Issimo (W)
2006 Solo Amore (W)
2007 Miss Soprani (W)
2007 D Luciano Soprani (W)
2007 LS Man (M)
2009 DSoir (W)
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