Lisa Salber is the owner and creator of the extremely successful Lulu Frost accessory line.

Salber started the Lulu Frost line during her senior year at Dartmouth, includes a variety of jewelry, belts and other accessories that feature antique accents and architectural fixtures.

When The Dartmouth last spoke to Salzer, a wide range of stores in the United States had picked up her jewelry. Two years later, her line has become increasingly popular, being featured in the pages of Elle, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, The New York Times and Italian Glamour among others. Her unique implementation of antiques into classic jewelry pieces also earned Salzer the Best New Accessories Designer award at the Gen Art's annual Styles Competition in 2005.

While at Dartmouth, Salzer began selling her products to her friends and Dartmouth professors, who increased the demand for her creations. She found an eager market in Upper Valley stores -- including Juliana's Boutique -- and quickly found a home for her creations among the high-end, high-quality wares of Barney's New York. In addition to the number of small New York boutiques that carry the Lulu Frost line, Saks Fifth Avenue and Anthropologie also sell Salzer's distinctive designs.

Salzer (known by her family as Lulu) found her love for jewelry and the foundations of her business in the work of her grandmother, Elizabeth Frost, who owned an estate and antique jewelry store in New Jersey. Weekends spent in this shop no doubt honed Salzer's knowledge and love of antiques, watching period pieces gain renewed vibrancy in the hands of a new owner.

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